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Step 1
The initial phase of your project will focus on planning and researching. Once you have chosen your research team you have to make a decision about which painter interests you the most.

Step 2
Find information about the artist, and his contemporary time. Choose one of the suggested paintings or, if you find a more interesting piece of art, some other work of the artist.

Step 3
Print the painting and put it on a piece of cardboard. Write some notes about the author, the time, the painting as well as the evidence you have found of the contemporary time. Do not just copy a text from Wikipedia but spend some time working on it. The text should be shown in a vernissage so make it brief and easily readable, i.e. not too many words and use readable letters. Imagine that you are in a museum and look at your work – how much text do you read before getting tired?
How should a text be written to hook you?

Step 4
Find out some characteristics of our time and make a paraphrase by making a collage of the original painting or using Photoshop. The completed work should say something about our time.  Feel free to choose a specific part of the painting if it suits your ideas.

Step 5
Give your masterpiece a new name and be prepared to show your creations in a vernissage for the whole school!